Things to do in Salento

Things to do in Salento

1. Stroll through the streets of the town and hallucinate with its little houses with colorful doors and windows. It is a paradise for photography lovers. Specifically, Calle Real (Carrera 6) is the one with the most charm, full of shops, cafes and restaurants.

2. Have a juice in the heart of Salento: the Plaza de Bolivar (try the coconut lemonade or the lulo juice) and visit the Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Salento Church, during mass the atmosphere is very good (both inside, as it were). In this square is where the whole atmosphere is concentrated, especially at night.

3. Climb the 253 steps that go up to the Alto de la Cruz Viewpoint: you will have great views of the surroundings and the closest valleys.

4. Salento is located about 15 km from one of the best known and most beautiful landscapes in Colombia: the Cocora Valley. Doing the circular trekking that will take you to know the valley, the house of the hummingbirds and of course the famous wax palm forests is something that you cannot stop doing.

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